Read what parents are saying about Dimple Deedles
"Before starting Kindermusik my daughter Devin would not let me hold her hands, she would not follow instructions or wait her turn. After only 3 classes at Kindermusik Devin now grabs my hands to dance around and sing. She went from running around crazy and barely participating in class to sitting down and waiting for the next activity.  I know that this class has helped Devin and she gets so excited when we pull up to the class. She loves it and I love the joy on her face."  Nicole S. & Devin– 19 months
"We go to the baby Kindermusik class because my son loves it. To see him animate and laugh with all the songs and dances makes it worth it. Not to mention that he is forming a sense of community seeing the same babies and teachers all the time. We play the take-home music in the car and he recognizes the songs in class!  Without fail, he has responded positively to the class week after week so I know he is getting a lot out of it. That's why we go to Kindermusik!"  Erin D. & Atticus – 6 months
"It is something we look forward to!  I look forward to each week as class for me is a needed break from home to connect with other moms and for my girl to engage with other babies around her age. It's always a fun time. Exposing her to new ways of enjoying music is important and helps her mind to grow! Class also has helped me by providing new fun activities to add to our play time at home too! When we play or sing the songs outside of class she recognizes them and it usually brings her into a better mood." Jessica D. & Susannah – 4 months
"We go because it's a great bonding time for me and my son away from home and other distractions. The music, movements, and interactions also help with cognitive and social development! My other kids love music, reading, writing and I'm sure exposing them to these classes so early helped with that! Not to mention it's fun and my son loves it!"  Brittany V. & Jackson – 7 months
"My daughter, Sia, and I started going to Kindermusik classes when she was 6 months old and we both love it!  I think it is a great way for us to socialize with other moms and babies.  I also think it will help her with language development and movement.  Babies' brains are growing at a huge rate.  Exposing them to song, rhyme, and rhythm are stepping stones to language.  It is so fun watching my daughter interact with the other babies, moms, and teachers.  I appreciate that the class is held in the evenings so I can go with my daughter after teaching.  Kindermusik is a great way to bond with your child.  I play the CDs from class in the car and at home.  We also enjoy the books and musical toys that come with the class kits.  I would highly recommend Kindermusik to all parents.  Your baby is never too young to start learning to love music and language!"   Lisa S. & Sia – 10 months
"The Dimple Deedles class is excellent. It is fun and Jamie loves to attend. I feel he is very loved there and he has been following directions much more readily at home since he began classes. We love the program!"  Lindsay S. & Jamison –  3 years
"Kindermusik is a great experience for any young child.  Each week, the lesson includes a variety of songs, musical instruments, rhythm, movement/dance, and stories.  The children learn to interact with other preschoolers in a positive way.  Teacher Carla is positive, encouraging, and knowledgeable.  My grandson enjoys working with her and is excited about what he experiences there.  I would recommend Kindermusik for all young children."  Cheryl G. (Grandmother) & Kyle – age 4 years
"I do love seeing Parker get the opportunity to interact with other children her age and learn the fundamentals of music. Parker will be singing the songs that she's learned in class days later, which is so wonderful to hear.  Miss Sandy has been so patient with Parker even though Parker can get distracted quite easily.  I also love that the parents get to interact and participate in the class as well. I've tried to use this time as mother/daughter time considering that we have baby brother in the picture now."  Danielle R. & Parker – age 2.5 years
"My daughter has been attending Miss Carla's Kindermusik class for about a year now. When she first started she was very shy and had a hard time joining in with the other kids. She has since become more outspoken and confident and engages with the class activities and the other kids. She loves the home materials that are provided and loves singing all of the songs she has learned.  Miss Carla is a wonderful teacher who is filled with kindness and patience. I would highly recommend Kindermusik to other parents looking for a place to build on their children's creativity." Simone H. & Natalie – age 4 years
"We LOVE the Kindermusik program!  Miss Sandy is so great with the kids, and this being our daughter's first classroom setting experience she is so patient with her. Learning things in the classroom like; fast, slow, loud, soft, and then being able to take it home with the At-Home materials helps give us something fun to do as a family during the week and extends her learning beyond just the classroom." Jeni D. & Noura - age 2 years
"My son loves Kindermusik and looks forward every week to spending time with Miss Carla! He loves playing his instruments at home, and singing the songs he learns!"  Regina P. & Liam – age 4 years
"Kindermusik is an amazing program that introduces music to children in a fun, interactive way. Students learn to appreciate the foundations of music through games, peer interaction, the use of props, discussions, and practice. The instructor is gifted at her craft. She understands music, how to make it available for kids, and how students will learn through engaging activities. My daughters are so excited each week to see Miss Carla and participate with her while they learn and play. They have both learned more than expected in a very short time based entirely on the fun nature of the class and the intructor's ability to make the material available to their skill level. I highly recommend the Kindermusik program and Carla (Instructor)."  Kelly H. (daughters 5 and 7 years old)
"Kindermusik has been a great experience for my daughter.  She is extremely reserved and has social anxiety issues.  Miss Carla has worked with her and has helped to nurture her into a more confident person.  Our Kindermusik class has become like an extended family.  The kids attend each other’s birthday parties and have become close friends outside of class.  Last year we even had a class potluck and trip to Funderland in Sacramento!   Kindermusik has been a wonderful program for my daughter and has helped her in many ways above and beyond learning about music.  If you are looking for something to engage your children and start them on a path towards having music in their lives, this is the program for you.  Our class has become a little family and the kids have all become friends." Karen W. & Allison – age 4
"The Kindermusik class has brought my daughter Emily closer to children giving her a chance to make friends and play.  Likewise, I have been able to meet and make friends with the mothers.  We really enjoy sitting in the class watching our children progress and meet milestones like the first time she was able to skip or aiming a ball to toss it in a box.  Miss Carla is wonderful and kind.  She authentically enjoys teaching the children and she has a great sense of humor.  She works with the children at their pace and at the same time challenges them to grow. She doesn't leave anyone behind.  It is a personal and fun experience.  Miss Carla really fosters community with special outings and picnics.  This Kindermusik experience is one of the things that makes me glad we live in Paradise.  The children learn songs, exercise their imaginations and make musical instruments, practice rhythm, and have a great time.  They are given the opportunity to perform in public and encouraged to come into their own personality.   Emily especially likes the take home materials that include a musical instrument, books and toys for the imagination.  She has been inspired to create a home music studio!  I am so glad we are a part of this class. Thank you so much!"  Madeline H. & Emily – age 4 years
"My family moved from Kansas to Paradise a year ago.  I worried about my 3 year old daughter making friends and being lonely after leaving all her friends back home.  I contacted Miss Carla before moving and she was very welcoming.  We signed Chloe up and we were able to start Kindermusik the first week we were in California!  Chloe made some great friends, and so did I.  Miss Carla was very sweet and made sure to introduce us to everyone and include us.  Chloe loves her teacher and enjoys being with her.  Miss Carla is very loving and Chloe eats it up!"    Mandi H. & Chloe – age 3 years
"My 3-year-olds have been attending Kindermusik class for several months now. They love the class, and are learning many things. My daughter, who had been shy around most everyone, took about six sessions to interact with "teacher Carla". Now she has changed so much. She never stops talking. Both children love the music, and we play the CDs in the car a lot. They are learning to follow directions, not all the time, but always improving. My son identifies the musical instruments when he hears them in a song. They have made friends with some of the other children in the class, and are excited to go each week."  Judy V. & Nathaniel and Valarissa – ages 3 years
"Trinity has significantly benefited from Kindermusik mentally and musically since we began this past year! I have seen her pick up life skills such as sharing with others, taking turns, and being a part of a group environment while having so much fun!  Before Kindermusik, Trinity was just spreading her wings and venturing off into toddler life at the age of one. She was just starting to walk and was not speaking quite yet. She has since blossomed into this amazing little girl who dances and sings just about anywhere! She blows me away daily with her charisma and intelligence that is increasing at a fast rate due to Kindermusik. Her ability to follow directions has dramatically increased as well as her hand coordination and ability to speak. Her development continues to amaze me and I look forward to see what this year has in store!"  Soraya M. & Trinity – age 18 months