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Fall Registration available after July 15
Step 1: Registration
All registrations are pending until we review and confirm your enrollment by email.

Step 2: Payment
If you're registering for fall classes prior to September 4, 2019, click on the "Continue to Payment" button at the bottom after you're done filling out the following registration form. For all other times and classes, click on the "Submit Registration" button at the bottom after you're done filling out the following registration form, and we will send you a custom payment link to enable you to make your payment (unless you have signed up through a Charter School). 

Step 3: Confirmation
Once we receive notification that you have completed your payment arrangements, we will confirm your enrollment. Please do not attend class until you have signed-up for your payment plan or made mutually agreeable payment arrangements. We will confirm that the class you have registered for is opening (has enough students) one week prior to the starting date.
If you are registering for Elk Grove Summer Classes, please click here.  Our Fall Classes will be available for registration starting in July
Section 1 - Referral Information
Section 2 - Parent or Caregiver Information
Section 3 - Select Your Class
Please select one or more classes and enter your student's name and birthdate where applicable.
Elk Grove Tuesday 9:15-10:00am    9/10/19 - 7/28/20
Elk Grove Wednesday 12:15-1:00pm    9/11/19 - 7/29/20
Elk Grove Tuesday 10:15-11:00am    9/10/19 - 7/28/20
Elk Grove Wednesday 9:15-10:00am    9/11/19 - 7/29/20
Elk Grove Tuesday 11:15-12:00pm    9/10/19 - 7/28/20
Elk Grove Wednesday 10:15-11:00am    9/11/19 - 7/29/20
Elk Grove Tuesday 12:15-1:00pm    9/10/19 - 7/28/20
Elk Grove Wednesday 11:15-12:00pm    9/11/19 - 7/29/20
Chico    Monday 11:15-12:00pm    9/10/18 - 7/29/19
Chico    Friday 10:15-11:00am    1/25/19 - 8/2/19
Chico    Thursday 11:15-12:00pm    9/13/18 - 8/1/19
Chico    Monday 12:15-1:00pm    9/10/18 - 7/29/19
Chico    Monday 1:00-1:45pm    9/13/18 - 7/29/19
Following are special short-term classes that are currently available.
Section 4 - Studio Policies
Please read through our Studio Policies.
Only children who are enrolled will be allowed to attend a Kindermusik class. Two exceptions are for “Bring-a-Friend” day or a younger sibling who can sit safely in a carrier. For further details on this topic, please refer to our FAQ page. Children benefit from consistent attendance in a Kindermusik class, so we ask that you make every effort to attend all classes.

If you or your child has an illness, please wait to come to class until you’re feeling better. Students should be fever-free for 24 hours prior to attending class and not have any contagious symptoms such as drainage or rash.

Class Cancellations
If our classes are cancelled for any reason, you will receive an email notification. Please refer to your class’s details on our Classes page for holiday time off.

Classroom Behavior
It is our goal to provide a safe class environment. If your child is disruptive or is making inappropriate physical contact with other children, please gently guide them outside of the classroom and let them know that they must refrain from their behavior in order to join the class again. Continued aggressive behavior toward other children and adults may result in temporary or permanent dismissal from class.

Payments are due when you start class and then by the fifth day of each following month. We utilize a recurring subscription payment service that will automatically charge your credit/debit card for tuition on the 5th of each month, or you can choose to pay for your class in full in September. Please do not attend class until you have signed-up for your payment plan or made mutually agreeable payment arrangements. If you need to discontinue your enrollment, please let us know in writing before the 1st day of the next month.

With our unique subscription model, you can join us at any time as long as there is space in the class. If you enroll in the middle of the month, we will prorate your tuition for the first month by taking into account the number of class sessions you have missed.

We do not offer refunds or credits for missed classes, but as long as your child is enrolled, missed classes can be made up in a different class - please fill out our Makeup Class Form to arrange for a makeup class. If you wish to discontinue a music class, please notify our Director prior to the beginning of a new month so that you will not be liable for the following month's tuition.

We communicate with our families through email and our Facebook group "Elk Grove Kindermusik Hub," so please check in consistently for updates.

Photo and Video Release
To ensure the privacy of children enrolled in our studio, photographs or videos we use for marketing purposes will not contain names or personal identifying information of children. Dimple Deedles default policy grants us the right to use any photograph or video taken at our teaching locations or at any event sponsored by Dimple Deedles.  If you do not wish to have your child's image recorded or photographed please contact our Director in writing through our Contact Us form.  
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