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Fall Quick Registration available after July 15
Step 1: Quick Registration
All registrations are pending until we review and confirm your enrollment by email.

Step 2: Payment
Following registration, we will send you a custom payment link to make your payment
(unless you have signed up through a Charter School). 

Step 3: Confirmation
Once we receive notification that you have completed your payment arrangements, we will confirm your enrollment. Please do not attend class until you have signed-up for your payment plan or made mutually agreeable payment arrangements. We will confirm that the class you have registered for is opening (has enough students) one week prior to the starting date.

We are looking forward to seeing you again!
Section 1 - Parent or Guardian Information
Section 2 - Select Your Class
Please select one or more classes from the following selections and enter your student's name
Chico    Monday 9:15-10:00am    9/10/18 - 7/29/19
Chico    Monday 6:15-7:00pm    9/10/18 - 7/29/19
Chico    Thursday 9:15-10:00am    9/13/18 - 8/1/19
Chico    Friday 10:15-11:00am    9/14/18 - 8/2/19
Chico    Monday 10:15-11:00am    9/10/18 - 7/29/19
Chico    Monday 5:30-6:15pm    9/13/18 - 7/29/19
Chico    Thursday 10:15-11:00am    9/13/18 - 8/1/19
Chico    Friday 9:15-10:00am    9/14/18 - 8/2/19
Chico    Monday 11:15-12:00pm    9/10/18 - 7/29/19
Chico    Friday 10:15-11:00am    1/25/19 - 8/2/19
Chico    Thursday 11:15-12:00pm    9/13/18 - 8/1/19
Chico    Monday 12:15-1:00pm    9/10/18 - 7/29/19
Chico    Monday 1:00-1:45pm    9/13/18 - 7/29/19
Chico    Thursday 12:15-1:00pm    9/13/18 - 5/16/19
Please note: our Sweetheart Class registration is only available on the Sweetheart Class page or the main registration page.
Step 3 - Profile Updates
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