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Miss Carla knows how to make children and parents feel welcome. As a child, Carla was always impressed with her mother's ability to listen to a song from the radio, pick out the melody with her right hand and add the chords with her left. At the age of 6, Carla learned how to play the piano from her mother. They moved often after that and were not able to keep their piano, but Carla never forgot what she learned as a child.

      Carla was invited to teach music classes at a local pre-school and created her own lessons until she found out about Kindermusik. She fell in love with the curriculum, the songs and the children in her classes! Miss Carla enjoys getting to know the families that come through her classes and loves being around children. She can’t imagine doing anything else for her lifework than teaching music, and has enjoyed teaching Kindermusik for the last 20 years.
     From the moment you step into a Dimple Deedles class, you will be warmly welcomed. Meeting the needs of you and your child is our priority. We want to hear about your child's unique personality and their favorite song. We care about you as a parent and the challenges you face.

     As you walk by one of our classes, you will hear the joyful sound of children singing, chattering, dancing and playing instruments. You may also see a child curled up on mama's lap during a soothing song as they rock to and fro.

     Most of all, you will experience a community of families who have become friends as they explore the world of music together.
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